Pre-Convention Events

Participation in the CTLTC Convention is divided into three categories:
Convention Events
Pre Convention Events (listed below)
Challenge Events

Pre-Convention Events provide the opportunity to participate in events that typically take more time to complete than would be available at the Convention such as writing books, essays, and poetry or activities such as web design and audio or video productions. These activities can be completed during the year and turned in to the Pre-Convention Directors for judging by the Pre-Convention Deadline.

Pre-Convention events allow Participants to share the gifts God gave them that would be used outside of the typical Worship Service, Bible Class or VBS events. They also make available the opportunity for some to participate as a Pre-Convention entry who might not be able to attend the Convention but want to use their talents for God’s Glory.

Pre-Convention opportunities are listed in the CTLTC Manual under Pre-Convention Events. Please read all of the rules for General Pre-Convention Events as well as the specific event entered. Pre-Convention events should be sent via e-mail (except as noted) to the Pre-Convention Director by the Pre-Convention Deadline.

Pre-Convention entries should carefully follow the instructions below:

Pre-Convention events are typically judged by multiple judges. A person may judge more than one type of event (Poetry, Christian Essay). If multiple items are submitted on one email your students submission (event) could possibly get lost in the shuffle.

Please help us help you by following a few simple rules:

Each submission should include the “Year / Event Name / Participant Name / Grade Level” in the Subject Line i.e.:

Each entry (item) should be submitted on a separate email. i.e.:

All entries will be submitted to the following email address:

Printed Version of Instructions