CTLTC Elrod & Graves Leadership Scholarships:

Each year, the CTLTC Board of Directors recognizes two exceptional graduating seniors who consistently demonstrate Christian leadership qualities with $1,000 educational scholarships. Scholarship recipients can use these awards for academic expenses at the school they attend.

Dorm RoomBased on proven leadership traits and biblical principles, each young person is required to submit a scholarship form, with supporting documentation that demonstrates their understanding of Christian leadership in practice and theory. While membership in organizations, participation in church or civic activities and involvement in worship services are commendable acts that demonstrate personal choice and responsibility, it does not define Christian leadership. It is necessary to prove your leadership abilities as well as define them.

A committee administers these scholarships. Only High School seniors, registered for, and attending, the CTLTC Convention events are eligible for this scholarship.

CTLTC Elrod & Graves Leadership Scholarship application.

University Scholarships:

Believing the pursuit of higher education is a leadership quality, CTLTC gladly partners with several of our Christian Universities to offer scholarships to high school students planning to achieve this goal.

You can learn more about our academic partners at their websites:

Dorm RoomThese scholarships are provided to help students offset first-year expenses. Many of these scholarships are “stackable” for recipients awarded scholarships beginning in the ninth grade.

A scholarship committee administers these scholarships. Only High School students, grades 9 – 12, are eligible for these scholarships.

CTLTC Christian University Scholarship application

CTLTC Scholarship Morality Clause