Start a CTLTC Program at Your Congregation

  1. Contact Dorothy Graves ( for a congregational number. She is willing to make arrangements for herself or another board member to visit with your congregation's children or student ministries.
  2. Select a Church Coordinator to be the ONE contact person for communication between your congregation and CTLTC. This person is responsible for the following:
    • a. Communicate church Etiquette and Participant Behavior Agreement information to everyone in your group.
    • b. Check the website regularly for updates. Send to, and receive from, CTLTC emails communicating with registration. This requires a good contact email address and a correct phone number where he/she can be contacted.
    • c. Register all students and teams by deadline date.
    • d. Make payments by deadline.
    • e. Make sure all t-shirt sizes are correct by REGISTRATION deadline date.
    • f. Make all registration corrections by CORRECTION deadline date (This will be too late to make t-shirt changes).
    • g. Make hotel reservations through the hotel link.
    • h. Furnish appropriate number of volunteers by CORRECTION deadline.
    • i. Make all Award corrections by AWARDS deadline.
  3. Select Event Coaches within your congregation to train the students in their events.
  4. It would be good to select someone to be dedicated to recruiting the volunteers from your group and help prepare them. Information is made available to help them judge and monitor the different events.
  5. Have students select and commit to events they want to participate in. We recommend at least one individual event and one team event per student. Remember we are training them in skills for a life of service. That includes learning to be dedicated and well prepared and not over committing to the point of stress and frustration.
  6. Begin practices using the current Manual for rules and guidelines.
  7. Contact registration with any questions as quickly as you can.
  8. Read all instructions for registration and deadline schedules as they appear on the website.
  9. Register ONLINE...when the registration page is posted.
  10. Come have a great time!!!!